Our Referral Program

We connect patients interested in receiving Activation Therapy with providers who are offering this unique therapy. These patients end up at our website looking for Doctors because of the amount of marketing by our network of Providers that leads them to our website. We take the calls and emails in our call center, screen the patient and send them to our nearest network provider.

Lead Generation

We have clinics all around the country using branded in office literature, external advertising, social media and our SEO website result in having many interested patients who contact us looking for a clinic near them that provides these insurance covered procedures. Our experienced call center staff will screen and set up appointments with our network of physicians to enable them to help change another patients life.

Powerful and effective healing

  • In-Office Marketing
  • Advertising and Outside
  • Lead Generation

We Provide Marketing Support for our Network Clinics

We provide each new clinic who joins our network with all of the tools needed to succeed. This includes professionally created, compliant trifolds, Posters and a unique page for your website to bring more patients searching for these treatments.

We have placed 10’s of millions of dollars for our partner clinics and have learned a tremendous amount. You do not need to spend your valuable dollars “learning” how to do it right. We have an array of optimized and tested external marketing materials. We can drive an endless stream of patients to your office by advertising on your behalf to specific segments of people in your community which will build brand awareness. We do all of the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on treating patients and so your free time can still be free.

Sales Training

We provide you and your staff ethical sales training tools so that you can help more patients gain back their life. It is extremely important how you educate your prospective patients, what words to use and what order to use them in to be the most effective educator you can be.

Private Online Education Portal and Research Tool

We want to teach you and your staff to be experts in the field of Regenerative Medicine. We have purchased the Platinum training platform with Boston BioLife, who we consider to be the best, by far, at providing Regenerative Medicine Training and Education. Each of our network partners has free access to a 7 module “All about Regenerative Medicine” Educational Training. You also have access to past seminar presentations by some of the top Researchers in the world, and access to over 100 Amniotic Tissue Allograft Research Studies to share with patients and your referring Doctors. There is a Research Tool that gives you access to research you could not otherwise find or have access to. Through our membership with Boston BioLife you will discounts to not only theirs but almost every Regenerative Medicine Seminar in the country.

Success Breeds Success

We understand that you are probably not a marketing expert nor do you have the time to create, set up, order and oversee marketing efforts for your practice. You are a Medical Provider and your priority is treating and helping patients. We recognize we have the ability to make you much more successful by teaching you our proven systems, utilizing all of our marketing secrets and performing that marketing on your behalf. We also provide you with unlimited in office materials to give out to your patients. Referrals come naturally from: your ongoing marketing, having success treating patients with superior products and a strong in office referral program.

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