RegenMed Supply is a national marketer and distributor of Regenerative Medicine Products and services.

We provide consulting services to Regenerative Medical Practices to offer comprehensive systems, cutting edge marketing, and innovative protocols. We share our experiences with clinics and providers to help them achieve life-changing success and results for their patients. Our products are used in Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Wound Care, Podiatry, Hair Restoration, Cosmetics, Dentistry, and Sexual Health.

The knowledge we gained in the years of consulting, creating, and marketing these unique products and services to various clinical settings has provided the true partnership with clinicians, teaching institutions, manufacturers, and researchers in the Regenerative Medicine field to create optimal outcomes for patients.

Proven Results

Regenerative Therapy has been proven to be an effective tool in treating a multitude of different painful conditions, wounds, and muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries. Amniotic Tissue Allograft is widely used in surgeries today, augmenting the healing cascade, reducing scar tissue formation, increasing outcomes. The vast array of proteins in Amniotic Tissue Allograft promote natural tissue regeneration and reconstruction.

The Intelligent Next Step Before Considering Surgery

Thousands of patients have been treated with Regenerative Therapy and have reported favorable outcomes. Many of those patients were told that surgery was their only option but was able to avoid or delay costly and sometimes dangerous surgery.

Industry-Leading Products

All our products are harvested and manufactured using proprietary processes. We only sell products that we feel are the best in the market. Better products = Better Outcomes = Happy patients and more referrals.

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